7 Easy Tips To Teach Your Dog How To Shake Hands

Shaking Hands Is A Cool Trick

A dog which can shake paws always will be popular with guests and visitors. More significantly training your dog to shake hands will not only teach her obedience but also deepen your bond.  Ernest from Synthetic Turf Dallas is great with turf and dogs, he has provided the following simple tips to teach your dog how to shake hands.

Pick out some rewarding treats for the dog

dog treatYou are going to reward your puppy when he shakes. On this note, bite-sized treats are ideal for training since you can give the dog more of them without unnecessarily providing them too many additional calories. Consider also what the dog likes, and what is going to motivate them; like whether the dog likes hard or soft treats, or if there’s a flavor the dog likes more.

You may also try making your own kinds of treats, which may be some fruits or vegetables or small pieces of cooked meat.

However, do not overfeed the dog but you should try keeping treat sizes as small as possible.


Have the dog sit down

The only way a dog may shake hands is if they’re sitting. When your puppy does not to respond to a command for sitting, then first you’ll teach them how to sit.

But you should not reward him with a treat here since you’re teaching him how to shake hands, and not sit.


Present the treat to the dog

You will not be offering the treat to the dog just yet. Just keep it in your left hand for now. Bring it in front of the dog’s nose, just showing the treat to him. And when you have his attention, you close your fist around the treat.

Do not allow the dog to grab the treat yet.

Hold it between your palm and your thumb.


Give the command “shake”

This is the command you are going to employ to ask your puppy to shake hands. You may also use other words like “paw”. Say this when you hold the fist with the treat in front of the dog.

shake hands

Say “Yes” if the dog starts to fidget

Once the dog realizes you are having a treat in your closed hand, they’re are going to try getting it from you. If they make a move towards the behavior you need-like lifting a paw to try getting the treat say “Yes!” with some lots of excitement and enthusiasm and provide them the treat.

You should be patient and try practicing this way till the dog can reliably lift his paw when you mention “paw.”


Reward your dog for shaking

Once the dog is able to lift his paw on command, you should take it to the next step. Begin rewarding the dog when they do something closer to your objective of shaking. For example, when he lifts his paw higher than before, you should give him “Yes!” and a treat, and not before then. You should continue this way till the dog is offering their paw.


Take the dog’s paw in your hand

Employ this extra step only if the dog does not appear to paw at the treat you’re having in your hand. Through picking up the dog’s paw and in the process praising them during and after you begin showing the dog that pawing at your hand is going to be rewarded.

Hold your dog’s paw for some few seconds before rewarding.

Be gentle and always move slowly.

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