Easy Steps To Teach Your Dog To Stand On His Hind Legs

Walk Sparky Walk

Have you ever thought you could train your dog to stand on his hind legs? The process of training your dog is not that complicated though not all dogs can stand, For example, teaching a larger breed dog to walk on its hind legs will likely put pressure on its joints and cause problems later in life.


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Teaching your dog to stand on his hind legs, requires continuous training as he needs to start slow so he can build the strength of the dogs and balance and time on his feet.

Teach your dog 2-3 times a day for 5-15 minutes to get accustomed to being on two legs. Initially, your dog will stand probably only for 2-3 seconds on your feet. Over time you can get them to walk forward, backward, spin and much more advanced tricks without injury.

Dogs are supposed to be on four legs, so remember that this is a trick and should only last for short periods. I have also seen that smaller dogs are much more confident in their legs because of them wanting to get higher.
Keep this in mind when training you dog

If you have trained your dog not to jump on people, and now you are asking them to stand on your legs, then be careful, since some dogs now think their fine to start jumping and on individuals as he has asked them to they do it.

Just make sure your dog knows the command for “DOWN” or “SIT, ” and you will be okay.

Use the three tips below to train your how to dog to stand.

Puppy at attention

First Step
You will need a clicker and some tasty dog treats such as cheese; The turkey, the ham or the other treats the love of your dog. You can use the toys too if you prefer to the invitations.
Second Step

Request your dog to sit and start the treatment and place it above your head and move it up slowly so that you can only get treatment if you happen to stand up.

Once you are on your 2 feet, you can click and reward and then repeat this a few more times. At first, you just need to lift them on your feet, and you can start holding them longer for 5 seconds, then 10 seconds and so on.

If your dog has problems balancing, then you can let them lean on your arms, to begin with, then slowly fade your arms away, so you are on your own.
Third Step

After your dog starts standing on his legs you can quickly start adding a command and the signal to say the command “up” can say this when you are about to stand on your legs, or you can say that while you are standing.

Then repeat the command and hand signals, offering more treats, and then slowly fade the sweets so that they are doing it before they even see the goodies.
Tips When Teaching Dogs to Stand on Their Legs

If your dog is not getting off his feet, then try using a tastier treatment as there is a difference is real treats vs. rare gifts. What would you rather have a cookie or some cheese or turkey?

There is another way if you are still struggling to train your dog, and that is the use of a windowsill or a wall. Encourage your dog to look it up, once your dog is standing, you can use the clicker to click and reward behavior and then keep repeating your dog over time is easier to maintain.

You can also use some food on a table and encourage them to get it. I would not recommend it as it will give your dog misbehavior and would not be welcome in any home.