Step By Step Guide for Training Your Dog to Army Crawl

Teach Your Pooch To Crawl

Army crawling is a form of crawling movement where a person keeps his or her entire body flat and parallel to the ground while legs and arms are used to propel the body on the ground. This technique is used to suppress the sound of movement. It is not merely a cool stuff to amaze people; it can help your pooch in a multitude of ways. It makes your dog healthy, improves his joint flexibility and moreover it makes him happy.If you have doubts regarding these things, let’s look into some real life examples.

Few Examples

If you are searching for your dog to teach him army crawling patterns, then Google will provide you lot of organic results. From there you can see how well those dogs are trained and appropriately they can do it. If you have a dog, then try to view some videos on YouTube. It will encourage you to train your dog army crawling. Now if you don’t know how to do this, then let’s look into that factor too.

Ideas for Proper Training

With a positive attitude and right motivation from the master, a dog can go a long way when it comes to creativity. Army crawl is a nice trick, but it needs proper ideas and decent improvisation. Below is the list of thing that you need to keep in mind while training your pooch army crawling.

Teaching Down

First thing first! Before crawling, your dog has to lie down. If your dog doesn’t learn to lie down properly, then you can’t teach him how to crawl. Try to attract your dog with some food to teach him how to lie down straight to the ground.

Teaching Down
Not All The Way Down

Starting Small

Don’t expect your dog will learn the army crawling in a single day. Depending upon your dog time frame of learning may vary from one month to one year. If you start to lose hope, then it will get reflected in your dog too. If he is taking a bit long time, be patient! He will learn sooner or later because dogs are one of the smartest animals.

Going Verbal

To teach a dog some cool tricks become easy when he starts to act according to your verbal commands. Thus, for the sake of simplicity try to teach your dog to response according to your orders. First start with commands like ‘lie down’, then ‘crawl’ etc. These will create an excellent bonding between the dog and his master, and the learning process will get accelerated.

Steps for Training

Want to provide training your dog to army crawl! Below mentioned four ways are great ways to teach a dog pretty quickly-

· Firstly keep some food and let him take the smell and then try to teach him to lie down properly on the ground

· Place the dog food nearby and direct him towards that food using your fingers

· As said earlier, try to use verbal cues for better bonding and quick learning

· Practice is the key to success. So do practice every day

Following these steps and keeping the ideas mentioned above in mind one can easily teach his dog army crawling. It is cool to look and good for a dog too.