Tips To Get Your Dog To Crate Easily

A Cozy Home For Your Dog

Have you ever tried to crate your dog and you don’t know how to go about it? Well, you have come to the right place because here you will find all the top tips on how to go about this process like a pro.  For those who are not familiar with what crate training is, it is simply training your dog to be familiar with cages or crates as a safe location for them to stay in.  Among the many reasons why crate training is important, it is mainly used for housetraining the dog, transporting the dog and creating a safe place where a dog can retreat to when it needs its solitude.


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Now that you understand what crate training is let us move to the most important aspect of this article which is tips on how to get your dog to crate easily.


Selecting A Crate

Crates come in different designs and makes but the most common ones are plastic crates, mesh crates, and wire crates.  It depends on what the owner would like for the dog if preference is laid on portability and good ventilation then the wire crate is suitable, if the owner wants the crate to really replicate a den, then the plastic crate will do the work and lastly if the privacy of the dog is the top priority the mesh crate will be an excellent choice.  For the best incentive for a dog to easily adapt to crates, choose a crate that is large enough and leaves space for the dog to stretch and walk around.

Making The Crate Feel Like Home

Dogs love to be in a homely place that is full of warmth and lovely things to remind it of its owners even if there are not around.  It makes the dog feel special and loved.  Adding personal stuff search as toys depending on the age of the dog or a dog towel just to remove the emptiness in the crate will have a huge impact on the dog adapting to the crate training.


Expose Your Dog To The Crate

Slowly introduce the crate to the dog, you can start by opening the crate door and just let the dog explore the new territory by itself.  Through this, the dog will start feeling pretty comfortable inside the crate during its exploration.  Another trick that can be used here is throwing treats in the crate, this actually helps with shy dogs.


Serve Dinner In The Crate

You can start placing your dog’s meals in the crate and monitor how he or she reacts.  If it is shy at first you can gradually start from outside the crate and slowly graduate until it is eating inside the crate.


Close The Crate

During the first days open the crate immediately after the dog finishes eating.  After that increase the time you leave the dog in the crate after eating and after a few days, the dog will be well acquainted with staying in the crate.  That is it.  Imagine only these five steps can save you the hassle of learning to crate your dog.

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