Tips To Teach Your Dog How To Roll Over

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Dogs are capable of doing anything as long as they have been trained. You can train your dog to how to sit, lie down and hanging about. Interestingly there are advanced commands that your dog is capable of learning. For instance, you can train the dog how to roll over.

Rolling over like any other command can be easy or hard to learn for your dog. This depends on how you undertake it. However, it is easy to train your dog this impressive trick once you have the essential orientation or guide.

Maybe you have wondered how you can train your lovely dog this command. But, wonder no more. You are about to enlighten yourself on how to do it through some simple steps. In today’s article, we are going to look at tips to teach your dog how to roll over.

Having said that, let’s look at the simple steps through which you can teach your companion to master the command. The important thing you need to understand is that being a command training, the dog should be able to execute the trick when commanded.

Well, first things first, you have to ensure that your dog knows the basic steps. In other words, your dog should be able to sit and lie down. Now, if the dog can do the basics it is very easy to teach it the trick. In order to speed up the learning phase for your dog, the simple reward method is the best. This is what we are going to expound on here. Make it a fun-filled practice and within a few days of training, your dog will be performing the command when you tell it to do so.

The article is divided into three parts, for easy understanding.
Preparing for the trick
Teaching your dog the trick.
Trick perfection

1. Preparing For The Trick

I order to teach your dog this trick with ease, there are some things you have to do. For instance, you can’t train your dog when there are other distractions among other things. For a successful training you have to guarantee the following:

• Ensure the dog can lie down – This is the initial step for the training. The dog has to be in a lying position to perform the trick. On the other hand, the dog can lie down on his/her side. If your dog can’t lie down, as I said earlier, train him/her how to do it.

• You must have bait or treat on hand – The bait has to be something your dog is not used to. For example, lean meat e.g. roasted beef, turkey or ham. You must entice the dog to make it easy for yourself. The baits should be in small bites. That way they will last through the session. You must keep the dog hungry for baits so that he/she can stay motivated to learn the command.

Use of baits is the best way to train the dog the command, though there are other ways, like the use of a clicker and baits. However, avoid punishment. Dogs reject negative reinforcements and as a result, it will be hard to train them that way.

• Find a nice proper training room – To train your dog the command, it must be in a comfortable space free from disturbances. Notably, your dog will be moving around a lot hence, the selected room should have enough space. Once the dog has captured the trick from the comfort of your house, it will be easy to perform it in public or outdoors. Importantly, make sure that other members of the family are informed about the training session, to avoid unnecessary disturbances.

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2. Teaching Your Dog The Trick

Once you are fully prepared for the training, it is time to execute it. Ensure that you make the training enjoyable and simple. Well, this is how you proceed.

• Command the dog to “lie down” – The roll over trick will always commence in a lying position. It should be rested on its stomach, paws in front and the head lifted. This position makes it easy for the dog to perform the trick without hurting him/herself.

• Now, hold bait close to the dog’s face – By crouching down, position the bait where your dog can easily see and smell it. This can only be close to its face. Avoid the dog snatching the bait from you by closing your fingers around it. Additionally, avoid being bit by the dog.

• Next, move the bait and speak out the command– The best way is to move the bait up and around your dog’s face. This ensures that the dog follows it. In fact, the movement of the body is simultaneous with that of the dog’s head. For that reason, lead your dog along a path that will cause it to roll easily. Now, ensure that you speak out the command in a friendly and clear manner. At the same time, you should keep moving the bait around the side of your dog’s head.

Notably, the important thing is to train your dog to associate the command with its body’s physical movement. In fact, you can add emphasis to the command, through a hand signal. Make a rolling motion with your hand.

• Keep practicing while helping your dog – If it’s hard for your dog to capture the move on its own, use your free hand to help it. You should practice the trick repeatedly.

• Rewarding the Dog – Ensure that you reward your dog with bait each time he/she rightly makes the move. This way the dog gets motivated to continue trying. Don’t wait until the dog has completed the command to reward him/her. Immediate rewards assist the dog to understand what it is doing right. That way it will repeat it easily.

Rewarding the dog repeatedly strengthens the new behavior. Be nice to the dog. That way it will be easy to train. Once the dog has understood what you expect of it, reduce the frequency at which you give baits.

• Continue practicing until the dog can execute the trick without your assistance – Practice makes perfect. After successful training sessions, your dog should be able to do the trick on its own once you speak out the command. At that stage, you don’t have to use the bait or use your hand to assist the dog. Tell the dog to execute the trick without assisting him/her. If it does it, reward him/her. You can also pat the dog on its head.

3. Trick Perfection

Your dog has been able to carry out the command without your help. Now, it’s the time to perfect the trick permanently. In order to perfect it, do the following:

• Continued practice. Practice makes perfect. Hence, it is valuable to keep practicing. Always reward the dog when it does it right. Moreover, you can change the way you reward the dog. Praise the dog verbally, and also by affectionately petting the dog.

• Practice the trick in new places especially where there is some form of disturbance. That way the dog will stop associating the trick with the room. The dog might be challenged by distractions, so, be patient. Re-introduce rewards until it can perform the trick in new places.

• Practice the trick when other people are available. This will help the dog enhance its performance. In fact, extra praises that other people give the dog motivate him/her. You should allow other people to give the command to the dog. If the dog can perform the trick when commanded by somebody else, that means you have successfully achieved your goal.

Bottom Line
Dogs are pets that are easy to train. There are different things that you can train your dog. For instance, you can train your dog how to sit and lie down. Additionally, it is possible to train your dog how to roll over. You should train your dog how to execute the trick when you command it to do so.

It might be disturbing on how to successfully train your dog how to perform the trick. However, with the help of a great guide like this one, it becomes easy for you. Well, tips top teach your dog how to perform the trick when you command it, have been clearly elaborated here. Follow these steps properly and your dog will be an expert of the trick within a few days.